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We offer corrosion repairs on any vehicle. This includes investigation, reporting and procedure writing, material manufacture and installation. We also offer corrosion protection to inhibit and prevent future corrosion. Our work is carried out by coded welders who can conduct steel or aluminium welding and repairs. Corrosion repairs regularly forms part of a lot of the projects we work on.

Here is an example of some of the corrosion work we have conducted:

Class 150’s Corrosion & Exterior Paint/ Re-livery

We investigated the extent of the corrosion and agreed the scope of work with the client. We removed the skin and pillars and used a needle gun on any areas of corrosion. We replaced the existing pillars with new pillars and skins. Finally, we sealed with industry recognised inhibitors and sealants.

507/508 Cab Corrosion Repairs, Mersey Rail

Chrysalis Rail conducted corrosion repairs to 59 x Class 507/508’s. The scope of work included repairs to the corrugated crash beam and cant rail interface, cab end corner pillars, cab end centre pillars and cab and vestibule flooring. The work included removal of any components, inspections, preliminary work, replacement of any parent material or components, reassembly and any associated testing.

Class 142 Corrosion Repairs, Leeds

Chrysalis Rail is currently delivering a C6 refurbishment project which includes complete corrosion repairs on 79 two-car class 142 DMU’s. Following a thorough assessment at vehicle input, the vehicle has a full strip out of internal seating and fixtures. Corrosion work can include: cant rail replacement, external door step well burn out and replacement, window pan replacement, body exterior and flooring/ linoleum replacement. Each vehicle is then subject to thorough associated testing, accompanied with robust project recording throughout the project duration.

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