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Chrysalis Fabrication

We are experienced in heavy maintenance and overhaul projects including, but not limited to: C6 vehicle overhaul, gangway replacement, roof vent/ panel replacement, interior repairs and cab upgrades.

Here is an example of a project we undertook:

Class 142 C6 Refurbishment

Chrysalis Rail is currently delivering a C6 refurbishment project on 79 two-car class 142 DMU’s in Holbeck, Leeds. The heavy maintenance element of this project is undertaken to customer specifications with robust recording of repairs and testing maintained throughout. The scope of work includes a check on functionality of vehicle systems and where needed, full repair/ overhaul of componentry including, body suspension mounts, door alignment, safety critical components including DSD, brake controller, battery/ control systems examine and overhaul, interior and exterior vehicle refresh by painting surfaces where required.


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Corrosion Repairs

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