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Chrysalis Fabrication

Chrysalis Rail are happy to discuss bespoke, one-of-a-kind rolling stock re-purposing and innovation projects.

Chrysalis have supported a range of vehicle re-purposing projects. From working on first-in-class prototypes to installing new technologies and preparing vehicles for the installation of hydrogen fuel, our team are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide innovative and bespoke solutions.

HydroFLEX Case Study

Chrysalis Rail were involved in the HydroFLEX project led by Porterbrook and BCRRE. Chrysalis were invited by the project leads to assist with the re-purposing a class 319 vehicle for the HydroFLEX project- the UK’s first operational hydrogen powered train. This project involved stripping the vehicle and preparing for the installation of hydrogen. The team were also involved in the testing and launch of the vehicle on it’s first journey in June 2019. The unit is going into mainline testing shortly.

Innovation Hub Case Study

Chrysalis Rail were also involved in the re-purposing of an additional 319 unit to house the Innovation Hub by Porterbrook– a space where new and innovative rail technologies could be installed, tested and showcased in a rail vehicle. Chrysalis Rail installed the technologies to the vehicle ahead of the Rail Live event in June 2019.

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